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Stronger, easier & more visible

SCIM Display has developed a new hinged speaker , 99x105mm and 99x210mm as standard, but of course we help you and make it available in any length you prefer.


The height of 99mm is 1/3 A4 and makes your labels with promotions become more visible to the customer. With the new design, the SDG dont risk to fall of from the laberholder or     unintentional move sideways.


Just like SCIM's other products, the shelf talker has very good quality, manufactured in our factory in the High Coast. SDG99 helps your customers become well aware of the campaigns, prices or information you want to spread and you do not have to worry about promotion the wrong product and confusing the customer.

Label holders

Here you'll find a wide selection of label holders suitable for a variety of shelves.

Floor markers

Durable enough for several years in harsh environments.

Marking for toolboards

With our markers you can easily maintain control of the toolboard

Equipment Location

Order is essential for every storage location. We offer clear and affordable solutions for both wharves and warehouse shelves.

Print & Layout

We help you find the correct expression in your printed materials.


Successful production logistics is all about efficient organization

Want to know more about our solutions?

Our business is in an expansive phase. Therefore, we are seeking contact with agents, resellers and logistics consultants in Sweden and abroad.